Lisa Lehner



Lisa Lehner is a postdoctoral researcher and Co-PI for “Less is More,” a cooperative research project between the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, Center for Public Health, and funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund, on the (de-)prescribing, circulation, and use of antibiotics and benzodiazepines in Vienna.

Lisa holds a PhD in Science & Technology Studies from Cornell University with a minor in Medical Anthropology, and also has a background in Sociology, Political Science, and Public Health. Lisa has worked on two EU-Horizon 2020 Projects in the past, “SoNAR-Global” and “CANCERLESS”, and as a consultant at an NGO supporting people without health insurance in Austria. For her doctoral project, she conducted ethnographic research in Vienna on the welfare state politics and urban ecology of curing viral disease, focusing on the example of Hepatitis C and direct-acting antiviral treatments.

At the center of all of Lisa’s engagements and projects lies an interest in understanding how health inequalities come into being and are sustained over time, and how such understanding can be translated into advocacy and situated change. 

She also teaches at different universities on issues around health, healthcare politics, medical ethics, and social equity.

In her free time, Lisa sings and boxes and works on a podcast.

Research Focus


Contact Details

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
NIG, 4th floor
Universitätsstraße 7
1010 Vienna


selected publications


“The Liminal Cure: Living with Hepatitis C, its Treatment, and the Welfare State in Austria.”
Cornell University, Ithaca (NY)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2023. Schiffler, T, Kapan, A, Gansterer, A , Pass, T, Lehner, L, Gil-Salmeron, A, McDermott, D, Grabovac, I. “Characteristics and Effectiveness of Co-Designed Mental Health Interventions in Primary Care for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Systematic Review.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20(1): 892.

2022. Lehner, L & Eitenberger, M. “Teaching Multiplicities: Von der Arbeit mit multi-medialen Arbeiten.” Curare 45 (2022) 2, 85-94.

2022. Jeleff, M, Lehner, L, Giles-Vernick, T, Dückers, MLA, Napier, AD, Jirovsky, E, Kutalek, R. “Vulnerability and One Health assessment approaches for infectious threats from a social science perspective: A systematic scoping review.” The Lancet Planetary Health 6(8): e682–93.

2021. Lehner, L, Gribi, J, Hoffmann, K, Paul, KT, Kutalek, R. “Beyond the ‘information deficit model’ understanding vaccine-hesitant attitudes of midwives in Austria: a qualitative study.” BMC Public Health 21, 1671 (2021).

2019. Jeleff, M, Lehner, L, Kutalek, R, Napier, DA, Dückers, M, Jirovsky, E, Gilles-Vernick, T. “Vulnerability Assessment Tools for Infectious Threats and AMR: A Scoping Review Protocol.” BMJ Open 9:e031944, doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031944.

Book Chapters

2023Lehner, L & Rösel, C. “Glossary.” In Sexual Behaviour and Health in Older Adults, Practical Issues in Geriatrics, eds. Smith, L & Grabovac, I. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 175–82.


Magazine Articles

2023Eitenberger, M, & Lehner, L. “Gesundheit geht uns alle an.” Zukunft: Die Diskussionszeitschrift für Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur 10/23 (September 21, 2023).

Conference Papers

2022Schiffler, T, Carmichael, C, Lehner, L, Gil-Salmeron, A, Kouvari, M, Karnaki, P, & Grabovac, I. “Barriers and facilitators to healthcare access for homeless people in four European countries.” European Journal of Public Health 32 (Supplement 3).

Research Reports

2013. Lehner, L, Adamowitsch, M, Hoffman, F, Felder-Puig, R. “Leitfaden zur Unterstützung der Implementierung von Schulsozialarbeit in Österreich.” Vienna: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Health Promotion Research.

2013. Adamowitsch, M, Lehner, L, Felder-Puig, R. “Grundlagenpapier zur Entwicklung eines einheitlichen Evaluationsmodells für Schulsozialarbeit in Österreich.” Vienna: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Health Promotion Research. 

2011. Adamowitsch, M, Lehner, L, Felder-Puig, R. “Schulsozialarbeit in Österreich: Darstellung unterschiedlicher Implementierungsformen.” Research Report. Vienna: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Health Promotion Research.

Other Publications

2014. Lehner, L. “Tracing Identities Through Time. Assisted Reproduction, Narratives of Time and Women’s Biographical Work.” Unpublished Master’s Thesis. Vienna: University of Vienna.